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Full day or Half day sightseeing tours on Gozo.                                                              
The below is only our suggestion of places to visit during the Gozo tour however one is free is create his/her tour according to his/her needs. The below tour itinerary takes about 4 to 5 hours. One would need at least 3 hours to visit the main sites on the island.
Rotunda Church : (Visiting Area)
The sightseeing tour will take you to the church in Xewkija which boasts one of the biggest domes in the world. The parish church is dedicated to St.John the Baptist. The village celebrates its feast dedicated to the saint on the 24th june. When one is inside the church, s/he gets the sense of being really small in such a large church. The interior is decorated with beautiful sculptures and modern painting, with prominence given to the local limestone. One can also climb up to the dome through an elevator and admire panoramic views of the island.

Rotunda ChurchRotunda Church Rotunda ChurchRotunda Church Rotunda ChurchRotunda Church Dome-in-GozoRotunda Church Rotunda ChurchRotunda Church

Qala BelleView : (Visiting Area)The village of Qala is known for the unspoiled beach of Ħondoq ir-Rummien. This lovely small bay is a natural paradise enjoying stunning views of the small island of Comino. The small square of Qala is amazing with its 19th century baroque-style parish church dedicated to St.Joseph. The most scenic views from Gozo can probably be enjoyed from the Qala Belvedere from where one can admire stunning views of the Maltese rugged cliffs, the island of Comino and Malta.

Qala BelleViewQala BelleView Qala BelleViewQala BelleView Qala BelleViewQala BelleView Qala BelleViewQala BelleView Qala BelleViewQala BelleView

Nadur : (Visiting Area)The village of Nadur is the second largest in Gozo in terms of population and is known by many for its carnival. However Nadur is also known for its charming village and surrounding countryside. The tour will take you round the areas of Ta` Hida including Ramla Bay and Ta` Kenuna area from where one can enjoy beautiful views. Like any other village, in the main square there is the parish church which is dedicated to St.Peter and St.Paul`s. The church is rich in decoration and is worth a visit.

Nadur GozoNadur Gozo Parish Church NadurParish Church Nadur Ramla BayRamla Bay Ramla Bay CountrysideCountry Side view from ta kenuna towerView From ta Kenuna Tower

Ggantija Temples : (Visiting Area)Ggantija temples – These Neolithic, megalithic temples are the oldest free standing man structures of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is believed these temples were used as a site of fertility cult as evidenced by the statues found on the area symbolising fertility. Ggantija are definitely one of the top attractions of the whole Maltese islands and the visitor will also be stunned by panoramic views of Gozo from here. The advantage of a private tour is that one can visit the temples for how long one desires.

Aerial View Ggantija TemplesGgantija Temples Ggantija Aerial ViewGgantija Aerial View Ggantija RocksGgantija Rocks Ggantija StonesGgantija Stones Ggantija Temples InteriorGgantija TInterior

Calypso Cave : (Visiting Area)This cave situated in the limits of Xaghra offers stunning views of one of the best beaches of the Maltese islands, Ramla Bay. The cave is believed to be the place referred by Homer where the nymph Calypso kept Odysseus as a "prisoner of love" for seven years. The cave is quite small however gives a great opportunity for photo lovers to take pictures of the red sands of Ramla and its surrounding countryside.

Calypso CaveCalypso Cave Calypso Cave ViewCalypso Cave View Gozo from Calypso CaveGozo from Calypso Inside Calypso CaveInside Calypso Ramla Bay From Calypso CaveRamla Bay

Marsalforn Bay : (Visiting Area)The tour around Gozo cannot go on without a stop to the seaside resort of Marsalforn. The tour will take you round the beautiful rocky beaches of Marsalforn, Il-Menqa port where one can see the typical Gozitan boats and to the salt pans which date back to the 18th century and still today producing sea salt. From the salt pans one can admire Xwejni Bay which is one of the best beaches of Marsalforn.

ghar qawqla marsalforn Qawqla Marsalforn gozitan boatsGozitan Boats Marsalforn  Salt PansMarsalforn Salt Pans Marsalforn ViewMarsalforn View Xwejni BayXwejni Bay

Xlendi Bay : (Visiting Area)The sightseeing tour continues to Xlendi which is another popular resort in Gozo. What make Xlendi stand out must be its stunning cliffs and caves. Xlendi bay is quite small however one can stay on the rocks situated on the left hand side of the beach. One can stop here for lunch as the area is full of restaurants.

Kantra XlendiKantra Xlendi Xlendi BayXlendi Bay Xlendi CaveXlendi Cave Xlendi Tower and CliffsXlendi Tower & Cliffs xlendi viewXlendi View

Dwejra Bay : (Visiting Area)Dwejra is a natural paradise in the Maltese islands and is featured amongst every top attractions list of the islands. The famous Azure window, a natural arch, is here but not only. The inland sea is a relaxing area from where one can also take a boat trip around the area. The whole area around Dwejra is left unspoiled and is a must to be included in every tour around Gozo. On the way to Dwejra the tour can also pass by the Basilica of Ta` Pinu.

Azure Window GozoDazure Window Gozo Boat Trip DwejraBoat Trip Dwejra Fungus Rock DwejraFungus Rock Dwejra Inland SeaInland Sea Ta Pinu Basilica ExteriorBasilica Exterior
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