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About Us
Mayjo History

Mayjo, a family run local company in Gozo, was founded in May 1964.  It has been operating for fifty-six years in the Car Hire and Chauffeur Driven transportation industry. The dedication and commitment of the management team and support staff have been the basis of the company`s growth, and today Mayjo operates one of the leading Car Hire and Transport Services on the island.


Our Mission

"We guarantee superior quality service to our customers by ensuring customer satisfaction through personalised trustworthy service, value for money and assistance in all travelling needs. The company aims to ensure profitable growth and contribute to the local economy on Gozo by placing the interests of its customers first."


Employment practices

We respect employees as people with individual feelings, concerns, and objectives. The Management aims to deal with employees directly and individually, in order to build a unique team who work together in an ideal working environment and to provide all employees the tools to reach their targets. We accept our responsibility to provide the best working conditions, remuneration and rewards as much as possible.



We do not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race or ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, age, sex, marital status, physical disability, sexual orientation (gay-friendly), gender identification, or any other characteristic protected by law.  



Mayjo is doing its utmost to provide fuel-efficient low carbon emission vehicles for hire. The company does its utmost to reduce waste on paper, energy, and water. We are also committed to supporting our community. The company has encouraged e-mail recipients not to print paper unless necessary and avoid the use of paper stationery to minimise waste as much as possible. We have also replaced energy inefficient incandescent lights with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs and installed timers on outdoor lighting circuits to ensure that lights remain on no longer than is necessary. The company recycles paper by using it on both sides for memos and scrap pads. Envelopes are reused, with adhesive labels and minimise the use of paper stationery where possible. We have installed a special filter on the equipment used in washing our self-drive and chauffeur driven vehicles with the aim to reduce the volume of water being utilised. Furthermore, Mayjo also discards batteries separately and oil waste in a special container.  We believe that being environmentally friendly will also help the company in reducing its costs.


Our Community

The company develops training programs for top management to temporary employees, regarding environmental issues on the workplace, including the environmental benefits of saving energy. Staff is involved in industry seminars and industry training sessions. All the staff is encouraged to be environmentally friendly everywhere in their daily life. We believe that if we set the example, others will follow which in return will result in a cleaner environment where everybody will benefit. Performance evaluation programmes are performed on each employee and those who perform best are rewarded. The company employs a number of full-time employees, mostly locals, plus other part-timers in the busier seasons. Students are also employed to help them achieve first-time work experience.


The company has incorporated best practice behavior into information and promotional kits. We have written information on the website stating the harm that can come from not taking care of the environment and encourage visitors to maintain the environment clean. We train staff to communicate best practice behaviour to customers and visitors.


We give donations to charitable entities on an annual basis and help various NGO's through funds which would help the local community in return. Organisations that we have supported over the years include Right 2 Smile, Puttinu Cares, TIPS (Tiny Infant Parents Support), Community Chest Fund plus several theatres and band clubs. The company has supported several local feasts through donations which are very important to the local community as they are an important tradition on the island and attracts many tourists every year. We also promote the island through other websites that provide information of interest to the holidaymaker with the aim to increase tourism on Gozo.


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