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Car Leasing in Gozo made easy

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Vehicle leasing on Gozo

Mayjo Leasing is the SMART CHOICE for you and your Business! 

  • If you want to avoid the hassle of buying a new car, we have another cost-effective solution for you...

What is leasing?

A car lease is very similar to renting. One will be paying for the right to use a car, without actually owning it. Unlike buying, the vehicle is never actually yours as you have to return it to Mayjo (the lessor), at the end of the lease.  In other words, leasing offers a way to drive the vehicle you want, for less money and less hassle. An agreement is done between the lesser and the lessee (the company or even an individual), for a number of months or years for the vehicle category of your choice. At the end of the lease agreement, the lessee can choose either, to re-lease it, or return it to the lessor. If you are interested to buy the vehicle, then you would need to contact us to provide you with more information as this is not always possible and applied on a case by case basis. One can terminate the lease earlier than agreed, however, in this case, an extra charge would be applicable.


Mayjo offers you all the following benefits upon leasing:

  • 24 Hrs Breakdown Service
  • Replacement of vehicle in case of an accident or breakdown
  • Monthly Car Wash
  • Tax Advantages. 
  • No Down Payment required, but just monthly cash instalments
  • No Insurance & Annual Circulation Tax Disc
  • No yearly shopping around for low Insurance Costs
  • No Loss of No Claims Discount in case of an accident
  • No Accident Handling and Administration
  • No Vehicle Road Worthiness Testing
  • Free Vehicle Maintenance
  • Free Consultancy on Request
  • No Waste of Time!


Contact us for further information regarding leasing terms and to provide you with our vehicle leasing quote.  We will be happy to send you our best lease quote possible

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