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Malta Tour

Full day sightseeing tour in Malta

This full day tour is ideal for those that are staying in Gozo and want to visit the main sites of interest in Malta during a day of their choice. Malta, like Gozo, has a long history that goes back thousands of years and its capital city Valletta is UNESCO World heritage site for the number of attractions it offers in such a tiny place. Malta`s old capital city, Mdina, is another must for history lovers but not only. The aim of the tour is to provide the visitor with a good knowledge of the main island covering the top attractions in detail while giving complete freedom on the itinerary. Below is our suggested itinerary for a full day tour in Malta which will take between 8 to 9 hours, starting from your accommodation on Gozo and back again to Gozo.

Mosta Church

The Rotunda of Mosta boasts one of the largest domes in the world. Inside the church, one can see a replica of a bomb that fell on the 9th of April in 1942 and did not explode. The church is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady that celebrates its feast on the 15th of August.

Dome of MostaDome of Mosta Mosta DomeMosta Dome Rotunda ChurchMosta From Mdina Mosta RotundaMosta Rotunda

Valletta ( Capital City )The historical Capital city of Malta boasts a number of places of interest second to none. Valletta was built by the knights of St.John and contains magnificent buildings, mostly in baroque style. The city was fortified by the knights and its Grand harbour was always strategically important for the defence of the city. One will get a feeling of living back in time as it`s easy to imagine how life has been here in times of war. The tour will take you to some of the top landmarks in Valletta including:
St. John`s Cathedral – The private tour in Valletta can start by visiting the most beautiful church on the islands. The Cathedral built by the Knights of Malta and designed by Maltese architect Glormu Cassar in the 16th century, boasts some of the best masterpieces on the island. The splendour of the Cathedral is apparent from the moment one sets footsteps on the door. The interior, decorated mostly by Italian artist Mattia Preti, is extremely rich in decoration. Preti painted the ceiling and side altars of the Cathedral with scenes from the life of St.John and gives the visitor the impression of three dimensionality. The Cathedral contains eight chapels, all of which rich in decoration. Of major interest is the chapel of Aragon which contains Preti`s titular painting. The top attraction of the church is certainly Caravaggio`s painting depicting the Beheading of St. John the Baptist and signed by the same artist.

The Open Market – Valletta is famous for its traditional open air market in Merchant Street. Here one will find several bargains and the possibility to buy anything from clothing to jewellery and accessories. The street is full of shops selling anything from international brands to local produce. The tour will give you time for shopping.

Upper Barrakka Gardens – The garden is located on the highest point in Valletta and offers magnificent views over the Grand Harbour and the whole Cottonera area (the three old cities). The garden dates back to the 17th century from the times of the knights of Malta. It is a place of relaxation to the visitor where one can wander around the various trees and plants together with a number of monuments.

Merchant Street VallettaMerchant Street Valletta st.john's Cathedralst.john's Cathedral st-john-co-cathedral interiorcathedral Interior upper gardens vallettaUpper Gardens upper gardens vallettaview from Gardens

Mdina ( The Silent City )After visiting Valletta, the private tour will continue to Mdina, known as the Silent city. Mdina used to be the capital city of Malta and used to be of strategic importance due to its location on the highest point of the islands and far away from the harbour making it safer from attacks. The sightseeing tour will take you round this fortified city and enough time will be given to admire and understand the history of the area. The itinerary of the tour in Mdina includes the following:
Time for Lunch – You would probably be starving by now so our driver will take you to a restaurant in Mdina. The city is also known for the varied restaurants that provide delicious food. After lunch, the tour will continue to show you behind the gate of Mdina.

Walk in Mdina walls – Upon entering Mdina, one will immediately remain stunned by its beautiful palaces, cathedrals, museums and squares. Of particular beauty is the St. Pauls Cathedral situated in an open square. No cars are allowed inside Mdina, which makes the city an ideal place to wander around. One can admire uninterrupted panoramic views over the surrounding countryside from the walls in Mdina which are sure to leave the visitor amazed.

Mdina Experience – Mdina has a long history which dates back to thousands of years. For those who want to re-live its history, the Mdina Experience is the opportunity to do so. This audio-visual presentation recalls the foundation of the old capital city and what has shaped its fascinating history. The performance lasts about 25 minutes.

MdinaMdina Mdina 2Mdina view Mdina CathedralMdina Cathedral Calypso CaveMdina streetCalypso Caveview from Mdina

By the end of the tour, we are confident that you would have had acquired a good knowledge and had enough time to admire some of Malta`s top attractions. Our drivers are happy to share their knowledge of the islands with you. We hope to be of service during your holiday on the Maltese islands.

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