Carnival in Gozo

Traditionally, Carnival festivities are mainly held in the week preceding Ash Wednesday, which in 2024 falls on February 14th. During Carnival, everyone is allowed to wear a mask, a costume, be merry, silly and outrageous before the somber season of Lent.

Carnival will be celebrated between the 4th and the 13th February.

In many Catholic countries, people have decorated their homes, or put outside the traditional floats for all to see. Also in Malta, Carnival is celebrated with street installations and exhibitions that honor the centuries-old tradition.

Carnival float in Victoria. Photo by:

In Gozo, the most famous and the best Carnival is celebrated in Nadur. It typically attracts thousands of visitors from both Malta and abroad. It consists of both the official organized carnival with colorful floats, costumed parades, parties, revelry and dancing – and the spontaneous people’s carnival, where the villagers take to the streets in grotesque and sarcastic costumes.

While having become less of a spontaneous culturally unique event and more of a street party over the years, Nadur carnival is still a very peculiar side of Gozitan carnival celebrations.

Carnival events held in 2024:

Organised Nadur Carnival (St Peter and St. Paul’s Square) – Sunday, 4th of February from 12:30pm        

Spontaneous Nadur Carnival (Nadur Centre) – 9th – 13th February, daily – after sunset            

Victoria Carnival Parade (Starts at the beginning of Republic Street and continues all the way to the Independence Square (It-Tokk))    –    9th February at 17:30hrs /10th February at 18:00hrs/ 11th February at 15:00hrs & 12th &  13th February at 17:00hrs

Xaghra Carnival (Nazzarenu Square) – 10th February at 19:00hrs (performance of local dance companies)

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